Welcome to the home of MasterTarget® brand targets!

The most durable face target on the market today.

Printed, manufactured and shipped from a quaint town on the West side of Michigan, MasterTarget® brand of targets are at the forefront of face target manufacturing. Our targets are printed on our Durashot™ material making them 20x stronger than any paper target on the market, with a pricepoint that is competitive to less superior paper products.

Why buy a MasterTarget® vs our competitors? See our list of benefits all wrapped into a single face target.

  • Tear resistance
  • UV resistant
  • 100% waterproof
  • Full color printing process
  • Anatomically correct vital placement
  • 20x more durable then a standard paper target
  • Lasts 100's of shots. Best value for your dollar.

So if you are a seasoned veteran or a first time hunter, you will immediately see the benefits of shooting a MasterTarget® brand target. Try one today!

MT Coyote (28in x 23in)
MT Whitetail (28in x 23in)
MT Hog (28in x 23in)
MT Elk (28in x 23in)